PlayStation 3

Piccadilly Circus Demo. Responsible for the black taxi cabs and props.
Download the rather large movie here (78 mb)

Eight Days Vehicles

'Trailer Trash' Caravan - Background Static prop.

Seventies style Station Wagon complete with plastic veneer side panels. Click for larger view.

Car Transporter. Click for larger view.

$Home Pre Viz. Click for larger view.

PlayStation 2 - Getaway and Getaway:Black Monday

Apparently we sold around nine million copies of the Getaway 1 and 2. On the first game I built characters using Maya and Eyetronics for 3D scanning. The first iteration of the Eyetronics hardware was cooled down with cans of cold drinks otherwise it would overheat! For Getaway two I built interiors.

Nintendo 64

The snapshots here are grabbed from an SGI workstation. However they were built to run on the console.

Johnny Forbidden designed by Steve Hanson. Built in Softimage.

Space tanker built with Multigen's Gamegen. The N64 only had 4 kilobytes of texture ram which meant a maximum 'full colour' texture size was only 32 by 64 pixels.