Roadkill UV Tool

Quality of Life Enhancement Device for Computer Artists


If a good proportion of your life is spent texture mapping polygon meshes, then you should probably install Roadkill. The latest version is a standalone application that can be called from Maya, 3DS Max and now Softimage XSI (link is currently dead).

Have a look at the first Roadkill example movie to get a good idea of it's usage. If you find this software useful please tell us and provide links to example images. You could also mirror some of our example movies. Roadkill is free software released under the GNU license.

Stand Alone Application.

Load and Save OBJ files, Live Unwrap, Live Pin and Pull, Show Polygon Stretching, Topological and Loop Edge Selection.

Roadkill 1.1 Manual by Andy Swann (please mail me if you spot any errors)

Roadkill workflow with Poser by English Bob

Downloads For Windows


Update 13/06/2017
Roadkill 1.1 Tested on Maya 2017 running on Windows 10
Roadkill 1.1 (RC2) PC Source Code

Installation For Maya

Double click Roadkill 1_1 Install.exe and click Install.

Copy RoadKill.mel from the installation directory
C:\Program Files (x86)\Roadkill1_1
and paste into your user's Maya script folder
e.g. C:\Users\your_user_name\Documents\maya\2013-x64\scripts

RoadKill the stand alone app will now be under Start -> Programs -> Roadkill 1.1

Typing RoadKill (capital R and K!) on the command line of Maya will bring up the control box.

You will also find a lovely pdf instruction manual in the installation directory.

3DS Max plug-in v1b

Now has the ability to paste the incoming RoadKill UV's onto any of Max's UV channels.

Please set up your Max OBJ importer and exporter as in the image below.

Massive thanks to Stefan Kamoda for the Max plug-in!

Softimage XSI

I'm guessing this just for windows at the moment. Thanks to Kim Aldis.

Big disclaimer:  It's probably not wise to convert this app to other operating systems until it's out of Beta.

This tool is provided under the GPL license. Please respect it.


Uncle Frankie takes you through the basics: (36mb)

Swanny quickly runs through the live unwrap features (no sound yet)
Cutting and Welding (4 mb)

Edge selection, loop and topological (5 mb)

Pinning basics (6mb)

Pinning advanced (8mb)


LSCM and ABF code taken from Blender 2.41 and 2.42

Levy Bruno, Petitjean Sylvain, Ray Nicolas and Maillot Jérome
Original LSCM publication

Andy Swann
PC coder of Roadkill 1.1

Stefan Kamoda
Max plug-in

Kim Aldis
Softimage XSI plugin

Dalia Al-Husseini
Artist who originally requested better uv tools in Maya

Erwin Coumans
Who introduced me (Francis O'Brien) to Blender and showed me where the hell the preferences menu was :-)

ABF++ original paper
A. Sheffer and E. de Sturler, Parameterization of Faceted Surfaces for
Meshing Using Angle Based Flattening, Engineering with Computers, 17  (3),
326-337, 2001.

A. Sheffer, B. Lévy, M. Mogilnitsky, A, Bogomyakov, ABF++: Fast and Robust
Angle Based Flattening, ACM Transactions on Graphics, 24(2), 311-330 2005.

Who to ask for help

Artist help

Technical help

Max plug-in help