Python and Mel Programming

Mel Script to generate single UV texture atlas

Big time saver when combining multiple objects using unique iamges into one fast atlas texture.
(Tested on Maya 2018.2).
Python script to batch rename file extensions

Written to stop incorrectly named image files crashing Windows File Explorers (tested on Windows 10 using Python 3.7 64 bit).

Python Script to resize images

Written to scale down hundreds of 4k movie textures to get them workings in
real time on a PC. Faster and better image quality than using Photoshops batch
convert (tested on Windows 10 using Python 3.7 64 bit and requires Pillow library).

Mel Script to merge multiple UV sets on single meshes

Written to fix TV show assets with hundreds of UV sets on a single mesh which our
game engine didn't like (tested on Maya 2018.2)

Mirror Man Mel Script

Nice little program that will speed up your workflow if you are modeling symmetrical objects day in day out.

Python A* Pathfinding Implementation

Very handy script and why write your own if some mug has already done it. (Requires Python 2.xx).

Python Sprite Sheet Scripts

A collection of three small scripts that help turn a series of sprites into one sprite sheet. (Requires Python 3.xx and PIL).